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In Jan/Feb of 2006 I decided that the current battery system was not up to the job required. I had estimated I would need about 100Ah/day minimum on an ocean crossing. This requires batteries with at least a capacity of 400Ah, I chose to install 4 6V Trojan T105s giving me 12V at a capacity of 450Ah. At the same time it seemed prudent to replace the old basic charger with a new state of the art 3-4 stage charger from Sterling, also I upgraded the alternator regulator with an external 140A regulator, also from Sterling.

I now need to find a new home for the engine starting battery which has been evicted.

Solar power will follow at the end of the month using two Sharp 125W monocrystaline panels supported on a new set of goalposts at the stern, this will also double as the first half of the bimimi. Again a 3-4 stage regulator will be fitted to make sure the solar panels deliver the optimum power and don't cook the batteries.


Reinforcing the battery base strut

Also added studs with washers/nuts underneath and held rigid with epoxy

The batteries waiting to come onboard via hoist rigged on boom.

The base, painted can you believe

Where the cables head north

The bay before the batteries go in

Empty bay looking forward

Empty bay looking astern

The batteries fitted

With more wiring added


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