Lady Stardust (Baba 30' Sailing Cutter)

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Replacing the cutless bearing was meant to be difficult, but not the ordeal it turned out to be. Access is very difficult on the Baba 30, you have to climb down into the lazaret and stoop/crawl to the bottom, I pushed one leg through the engine bulkhead to rest between the engine and the port side of the engine. After ten minutes it becomes very difficult. The gearbox flange is never closer than arms length.

The haulout started badly with me reversing out from my pontoon finger and being caught by a large gust of wind that sent me the wrong way down the berths to a dead end, pointing the wrong way. Eventually I was in the hoist and the crew at Liverpool marina did an excellent job of lifting and chocking me up.

Next, the shaft had to come out, this wasn't going to happen, the coupling flange had been heat shrunk onto the shaft, then pinned on by an Allen key that shredded at the first attempt to loosen it. At this stage I called on Geoff Dixon, the local engineer for help, Geoff, who I might refer to as St Geoff from now on, did a fantastic job. I cut the prop shaft with a hacksaw (2 hours) and he made me a new one.

The cutless bearing itself wouldn't come out so that also had to be hacksawed off, a hand held hacksaw blade, the Stanley knife variety was used, this only took 4 hours. I wish I had know there were two grub screws holding it in place. Eventually I had it out. Then I found that the bearing had 1 1/4" Inside Dia and 1 7/8 Outside Dia by 4 Inches long. This is very non standard and I had no chance of getting a replacement on time. It later turned out that Montrose in Birmingham could have made me one in 1 day, but their machine was waiting parts and would take a week. I couldn't wait.  Geoff then suggested we take my bearing i had bought in advance that was 2" O/D and turn it down to the correct size. We would also leave it sticking out an inch ( as it was 5" long) so that it could be removed easily next time.

On checking the stuffing gland it was obvious that it was reaching retirement age. I replaced it with a PSS dripless gland, expensive but should be worth it in the long run. I also added a flexible coupling as it did not have one originally.

While out, I serviced a few sea cocks and replaced one.

A general tidy up in that area and a fresh coat of antifouling and she is ready to launch. She goes in tomorrow Fri 13th.

Just before the haul out

ready to leave for the haulout, gusts make it very difficult

Haul out

First time for me with a hoist, I must say it was a doddle once i got there

Half Way

Finally get to see what 4 winter months in the marina has done to the hull and anodes, not too bad actually!

Hose Down

Hull is hosed down

Hose down complete

Very pleased with hull, however that was'nt the colour when it went in!

Prop Shaft

Now the bit I have been dreading

Transmission Flange

Looks so easy, I don't have the right size keys, not that that will help

Another shot

Well I have good access, lets get on with it.

Stern Log

The shaft and bearing are out

At Last

Seems to turn too

A little poilsh

Lots of pitting

Close up of Shaft/Prop

New Antifoul

Ready for launch