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Leg 5, the trip home


We went out to St Lucia for two weeks over Easter to start the long journey home for the baba.

Max and myself went with our sons, Gabriel (12) and Isaac (11), it was meant to be a tropical paradise of a holiday but didn't quite turn out that way.

This was the original plan we had, spend a day preparing, then quickly sail to the BVI giving us several days there to chill out and explore the region.

Expected Route

Name Lat Long Dist (Nm) Dist tot (Nm) Leg Time Tot Time
Rodney Bay (St Lucia) 1401.182 N 06059.153 W        
St Anne (Martinique) 1424.598 N 06054.251 W 23.89 23.89 04:46:43 04:46:43
St Anne Headland 1425.230 N 06105.689 W 11.1 34.99 02:13:08 06:59:52
Isle de Saint (Guadeloupe) 1550.623 N 06140.656 W 91.82 126.81 18:21:52 25:21:44
St Martin 1759.905 N 06304.643 W 152.22 279.03 30:26:36 55:48:20
Tortola (British Virgin Isles 1824.402 N 06436.146 W 90.31 369.34 18:03:43 73:52:03

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Sadly the boat took longer to prepare, it was grey and overcast for the first week, we had strong headwinds making the boys very ill and to top it all the throttle cable on the engine seized requiring us to get a tow into Martinique and spend a few nights in a stinky harbour while we affected repairs.

We did eventually get to Tortola in the BVI and had 2 days before our flights home. I really want to explore that region more one day.

On the 8th May an agent loaded the baba onto the MV Slotergracht for her journey back to Southampton. She arrived here on the 22 May and I unloaded her and started the journey home. Sadly the autopilot failed and I had to hand steer, causing me to change the plan and do the trip in short hops.

The boat is currently on a swinging mooring in Falmouth harbour, very close to Lands End. I intend to move her the last leg north in 3 weeks time.