How to replace an MD11C Engine with a Beta 28 on a Baba 30
How to refurbish a Baba 30 Black Iron Fuel Tank


Follow the links below for each stage, updated as I go along.

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I decided to replace the MD11c On my Baba 30 for a nice shiny new Beta 28hp engine.

The main reason for doing this was the age of the old engine, it was approaching 30 years old, and although it was running fine I had had a few runs in with it over the last year, overheating in the tropics, throttle cable jamming, Tachometer failing, and it was noisy.

I decided that as I was keeping the boat for another 5 years, I might have bigger problems along the way and also that a Baba with a 35 year old engine might be difficult to sell, or at least the cost of replacing the engine might be factored into the selling price, so I might as well do the job now and enjoy the benefits of a modern engine as we cruise around Europe over the next few years.

I have decided to document as much of this work as I can and provide information here. If anyone wants any more information, I may well have it along with higher resolution images available. Just contact me via the contact form somewhere on this web site or via the baba-panda-tashiba group on Yahoo .