Removing the Old Engine


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Removing the Old Engine


Day 1 (4 hours)

First take one Baba

And put it in a nice boatyard


Day 2 (7 hours, including boatyard chats)
Next cover as much teak as possible with heavy card and remove everything connected to the engine
Also I removed a lot of skin from my fingers while getting the prop shaft out :-(

Items to be removed include:
Exhaust system, including elbow and water coolant pipes
Sea water coolant pipe to gearbox from thru hull
Fuel Supply
Electrical connections to control panel and Battery
Prop Shaft & any flexible coupling on transmission



Day 3 (6 hours)

Today I (With the help of the local Beta Engineer , Geoff) fixed a hoist above the
engine and lifted the engine forward about one foot so the crane could lift her straight
out. She had to be rotatated thru 180 so the gearbox pointed at the bow to pass
through the cockpit hatch.


Once out, the old Volvo was put on a pallet under the bow and cleaned up.
Any offers for a lovely md11c?



Finally the old compartment needed a good cleaning. I also removed the
old soundproofing material as I plan to replace that with more modern materials.

I had hoped for better access to the bilge under the engine as I intend to
make this a shiny squeaky clean area. Currently it is very oily down there.


Preparing for the New Engine

Refurbishing the Fuel Tank